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Adhesive Application :

Easy Clean Diamond Bead Applicator

The Duemas diamond bead machine has been specifically designed to apply adhesive to either facings or sheets of insulation. The adhesive is applied through a split block head made from PTFE. The block is easily cleaned by allowing the adhesive to cure on either face and peeling it away. The block is mounted on a traverse which moves back and for across the width of the product dispensing glue. The longitudinal application is achieved either by moving the traverse head up and down the product on a carriage or by conveying the product underneath.

The application head can apply up to 400 GSM at 7m/min

  • Simple and flexible width control.
  • Accurate and consistent flow achieved via a gear pump.
  • Adjustable line speed.
  • Diamond pattern spreads out to create 100% coverage.
  • Simple maintenance and cleaning.
  • No solvent used.
  • No extraction needed

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